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ACT Math Tutor

What Makes for An Effective SAT/ACT Math Tutor SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips You’d think that finding a good SAT/ACT Math tutor should be simple – just get someone who is really good at math to tutor you. Unfortunately, just because someone is good at math doesn’t make her the most effective tutor, particularly when it comes to the SAT or ACT. For instance, while I'm better at SAT/ACT Reading (compared to SAT/ACT Math), I'm actually a better math tutor, because I don’t always â€Å"get it" right away – I have to try out different ways to teach myself the material before I grasp it fully. Read on for more specifics on what makes the most effective SAT/ACT Math tutor. And if you want specific advice on SAT/ACT Reading tutoring as well, don't worry– we have an article about what to look for in an SAT/ACT Reading tutor here. feature image credit: Math, Math, Math, math, mathh....maaah..... by Aaron Escobar, used under CC BY 2.0/Cropped from original. Effective SAT/ACT Math Tutors Are High Scorers Effective SAT/ACT math tutors must have scored in the 99th percentile on the test. At PrepScholar, we take it one step further: not only do we exclusively hire 99th percentile scorers, but many of these tutors were perfect scorers on the sections that they tutor. Why is this important? Because in order to be able to customize teaching, a tutor must have mastered the material. This doesn’t just mean knowing the content (probability, plane geometry, etc.). Tutors need to understand HOW the SAT/ACT questions you on math. The medium to hard questions in particular are not things you would have learned in school – it’s as much about interpreting the questions as it is solving the problems. Effective SAT/ACT Math Tutors Can Pinpoint Your Weaknesses The best math tutor needs to understand WHERE students are making mistakes in the questions. When all is said and done, a particularly challenging math question can test half a dozen or more skills. Take this sample problem: There are many complicated steps you have to take to solve this problem. Understand the problem: what’s this weird question even asking for? What information does the problem give you to solve the question? How do you use this information to solve the question? How does the angle of a polygon relate to the number of sides? How many degrees are in a quadrilateral? What does this mean about the degree measure of the other two sides? What does this mean about how many sides the polygon has? A student who misses the question could be tripped up by any one of these steps. How should a tutor address this? A mediocre tutor will just make sure the student understands how to get the answer to this particular question and move on. Why is this bad? It’s inefficient – it’s highly unlikely this particular question will show up on the SAT/ACT, and so the assistance given is not generalizable. Furthermore, it doesn't identify the student's actual weaknesses - it just patches over serious problems with a quick fix. The best tutor will pinpoint exactly where the student is having issues, then work on weaknesses until there are no longer any issues.A student who doesn't understand the formula for polygon angles needs very different help from a student who makes mistakes in the algebraic portion of this question. If the tutor doesn't identify these weaknesses and address them, the student will find it very hard to improve her score. be my valentine (cc) by Martin Fisch, used under CC BY-SA 2.0. Disclaimer: We at PrepScholar do not guarantee that the best tutors will be immortalized in statue form. Effective SAT/ACT Math Tutors Will Customize Test Strategies To You The best tutors will understand optimal strategies and be able to teach them to students, customizing the strategies to a student's particular level. Read on for an example of two different strategy suggestions: one suggestion is for someone aiming for a 600 on the SAT or 27 on the ACT and the other is for someone aiming for a perfect score on the SAT/ACT). Students who are aiming for a 600 or a 27 or a can skip hardest 25% of questions and instead focus on easier ones. For more strategies like these, read our articles on how to improve low SAT Math Scores or low ACT Math scores. If you're aiming for the perfect score, on the other hand, you might need to take note of time management. Take a timed practice test, and if you run out of time, mark the questions you answer with extra time. Compare your scaled score with extra time with your realistic score (the score that only includes questions answered during the normal time period). If your score differs by more than 50 points (on the SAT) or 1 point (on the ACT), you have serious time management issues. Are you generally slow at math questions, or were there particular questions that slowed you down? For more time management tips and other strategies, read our articles on scoring an 800 in SAT Math or 36 in ACT Math. Actions To Take The best way to get a sense of any tutor’s teaching style is to get her to demonstrate how she’d explain the process of answering a difficult question. PROTIP: Pick out a question ahead of time that you previously missed and have had trouble with from a real SAT and use it every time, so you can compare the explanations of multiple tutors. I’ve also compiled a list of sample questions parents and students might want to ask potential tutors. Click to download the PDF, or click on the image below. Use the answers to these questions to assess how a tutor teaches and whether or not her particular teaching style and method will be effective for you. What’s Next? Curious about tutoring for the SAT/ACT Reading sections? If you haven’t already, read our guide to the most effective SAT/ACT Reading tutoring, as well as our article on the key qualities of an effective SAT/ACT tutor. What do tutors actually do during SAT/ACT Tutoring? Demystify the mystery with our explanation of what SAT/ACT tutoring involves here. Want to get serious about improving your SAT/ACT score? Our tutoring service is designed to be the most effective in the nation. We hire the best tutors from across the country. This is then paired with our exclusiveonline drillingprogramthat gives your tutor complete insight into your progress to design the most effective sessions. Think about what improving 160 points on your SAT, or 4 points on your ACT, can do for you. Learn more about tutoring now:

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The 2011 earthquake in Japan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The 2011 earthquake in Japan - Essay Example The 2011 Earthquake in Japan. Cause of the Earthquake. In March11, 2011, a destructive earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale struck Japan. The epicenter of the quake was near the East coast of Honshu, which was at a depth of 24.4 kilometers. According to Aislinn (2011), the movement along the two main plate boundaries caused the earthquake. Honshu Island is situated at the junction of three continental plates, the Pacific, Philippine, and Eurasian Sea plates. Earthquakes are generated by the tectonic plates that build up the surface of earth through bending, snagging, or breaking of these plates as they move past one another. Alexandra notes that thrust faulting caused the March 2011 earthquake; in thrust faulting, rocks positioned in the lower layer of the earth’s crust get pushed above the overlying layers. These faults occurred on or near the interface plate boundary between the North America and Pacific plates (Alexandra, 2011). This occurred near or along the boun dary where the Pacific Plate moves under Japan. The rate of convergence in the Pacific Plate’s border near Japan is much higher than in other zones. The Pacific plate thrusts beneath Japan at the Japan Trench, and plunges to the west underneath Eurasia; these plates are rocky and they creep past each other at a slow rate. The Pacific plate moves at a velocity of 3.2 inches per year westwards towards the North America plate. As the two plates shift past one another, they release seismic pressure and energy which cause earthquakes (Aislinn, 2011). Japan is situated in a place known as the Ring of Fire; this place experiences most active volcanoes. The Pacific Basin, which holds Japan, has oceanic trenches and experiences volcanoes around it. These volcanoes and oceanic trenches contribute to occurrence of earthquakes in Japan. Damages of the Earthquake. Alexandra (2011) notes that earthquakes that occur under the sea floor unleash tsunamis; these tsunamis are more devastating t han the earthquake itself. Violent movement of the earth’s crust displaces enormous quantities of water; these waves are known as tsunamis. Massive fires, generated by the earthquake, were blazing out of control leading to death, injuries, and the destruction of property. The quake left hundreds of people injured, dead or missing; it killed over 9,000 people. Tsunami wave destroyed power lines and swept homes, cars, ships, boats, trains, and massive islands of debris out to the ocean. Over four million buildings in Tokyo and its suburbs had no power after the quake. Reports indicated cases of landslides and collapse of buildings in several locations along the 2,100 kilometer stretch of coastline. Muddy water waves flowed over farmland near Sendai carrying buildings. Burst of gas pipes led to burning of houses and destruction of properties. Runways of the Sendai airport became inundated with trucks, buses, cars, and thick mud. Debris blocked the roads, and the communications s ystems, including the destruction of telephone lines. There was the suspension of train services in Tokyo and northeastern Japan, which serves around ten million people a day. The quake destroyed nuclear facilities located north of Tokyo. The government of Japan estimated the damage of the quake at $309 billion which was much higher compared to damage caused by the Hurricane Katrina in America. Effects of the Earthquak

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Southwest Airlines Internet Exercise Research Paper

Southwest Airlines Internet Exercise - Research Paper Example They have renewed their relationship with Varolii Corporation to promptly reach customer, employees, and pilots with crucial and timely information. The third aspect is their most famous one and that is low fares, for they provide customers with flexible and different packages, which includes budgeted fares for a particular destination and they also offers a weekly saving program where they constantly inform customers on new low-cost deals regarding hotel, car and air service. Â  These aforementioned factors are also a basic element of management strategy, for the employee and staff of the firm are managed in such a way that they are motivated to provide customers with all three elements. Moreover, in the face of rising fuel prices, security issues and customer expectations, Southwest has employed the three elements to keep their ranking in the top ten best US airlines. Â  As to the last part, I have traveled in the Southwest Airlines and, since I had traveled to urban cities, the experience was good and satisfying for me. Regarding other airlines, such as Emirates the quality, speed and service are very appropriate and excellent, however, their major drawback is their high cost, which makes them inaccessible to price sensitive customers.

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To the Lighthouse Essay Example for Free

To the Lighthouse Essay The novel To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf published in 1927 is a milestone of high modernism and experiments the stream-of-consciousness style. There are three sections in the book and the text revolves around the Ramsay family during their visit to the Isle of Skye in Scotland between 1910 1nd 1920. The fundamental theme of the novel is the universal contradiction of feminine and masculine opinions. The two leading characters in the novel represent the two contradictory themes. Mrs. Ramsey is highly sensitive and emotional in her outlook and she represents female attitude, while Mr. Ramsey is egotistical theorist and represents male attitude with lucid exposition. Both are bound in their restricted boundary and therefore lack impartial, liberal and rational viewpoint. Lily Briscoe, a painter and house guest of the Ramsey, is Woolf’s vision of the genderless artist who typifies the perfect combination of female and male qualities. She successfully completes a painting on which she concentrates from the beginning is symbolical of female and male combination. The first part of the novel, the window, opens with Ramsey’s in their summer house at Hebrides. We see a new day starts with the promise of Mrs. Ramsey to take her son, James to the lighthouse but Mr. Ramsey interrupts and says Mukherjee 2 that the weather will not allow it. Small James feels very angry with his father for scorning his mother. Here the psychological factor â€Å"oedipal complex† propounded by Freud can be recollected. James hates his father while he considers his mother â€Å"ten thousand times better in every way† (chp-1). The relationship of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey is also emphasized in this section of the novel. They are quite the opposite to each other. Mr. Ramsey is peculiar and unconventional in attitude while Mrs. Ramsey fights at every stage to maintain a congruent atmosphere. We watch the drama as if through a window and can hear their internal thoughts and feelings speak. The most dramatic scene of Mrs. Ramsay’s dinner party is the nucleus of the novel. The party begins with a catastrophe. The guests come late and Mr. Ramsey behaves rudely towards them (chp-xvii). The opening of the chapter shifts from one party goers’ observation to the other. Each is seen to be â€Å"remote† and like Tansley they all feel â€Å"rough and isolated and lonely†. The connection of Lily and Mrs. Ramsey deepens in chapter xvii and she feels she acts in the same way in her mockery with Tansley. She concludes all women even those in conventional position feel the control of tradition. The section of the novel gives the impression of the time passing and the feeling of absence and death. Woolf wrote that her purpose of writing this section was â€Å"an interesting experiment (that gave) the sense of ten years passing. It’s the time when Britain got involved and finished fighting the World War I. A number of changes take place. Mrs. Ramsey passes away, Pru dies in childbirth. Mr. Ramsey is left alone, no one is there to praise and comfort him in times of his frustration when he doubts the long term existence of his philosophical work. Woolf’s works closely observe men and their perceptions rather than concentrating on the objects of vision. There is much allusion to autobiography of Woolf throughout the novel. Mukherjee 3 Works Cited Woolf, Virginia, To The Lighthouse (1927) www. googlescholar. com Reference articles and journals on To The Lighthouse.

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Last of the Mohicans Essay -- Last Mohicans War Book Review Essays

Last of the Mohicans Last of the Mohicans is set in 1757 in the third year of a war in North America over land and territory. Mostly, the war is between the English and the French, but each side has taken up Indian allies to assist them. The main story in the Last of the Mohicans is the love of an adopted Mohican, Hawk-eye, and Cora, the daughter of an English general. There are also other stories embedded in the movie, which are harder to recognize. For instance, a second love story between Hawk-eye's brother and Cora's sister. The life of Magua is another story that the movie seems to slightly touch, but doesn't elaborate on. As for the historical part of the movie, I think it is accurate in the sense of the fighting style of the English. The "proper" way of war might be fine in Europe, but against the Indians, standing in a line with bright red coats is not the way to win. "...the soldiers' uniforms splendid - though (and that's a historic fact) idiotically ornate and impractical for warfare. It wasn't until about 1916 that the British and the French saw the light and stopped wearing all that Day-Glo, easy target colors" (Prof. Jahiel). For example, at the beginning of the movie, Magua killed one soldier marching in the line, and the guy next to him didn't even do anything until the commander said to attack. They would also fire at the same time, leaving the whole squad vulnerable to attack while they reloaded. By fighting in this manner, it allowed the Indians to fight much more strategically. They would fire muskets three at a time, so they could stop an oncoming rush while the others reloaded. The Ind ians also took advantage of the English firing scheme. After the whole squad of English soldiers fired their muskets, the Indians would rush in with axes and knives, then fall back. This strategy would allow just a few Indians to take out a relatively large number of English. "The British, we learn by the proof in the pudding, are inept warriors, and lousy tacticians...Plus, they're seemingly accurately described, both from the point of view of the historian and political correctness" (Prof. Jahiel). I also think the film did a good job with the weapons used throughout the movie. The spears, bows, axes, and muskets look authentic enough for me. The one weapon that I couldn't recognize was the axe-type club that was used by Hawk-eye's father. ... ...e. I think another sub plot that comes out of the film is the idea of change. Or at least reality sets in on some of the characters. For instance, General Munroe decides not to fight for his fort and just leave. This was something that was not previously done, or even accepted in the English Military. Also I found Cora's ex-boyfriend, the noble, to be an extremely brave and honorable man. At first I thought he was, quite frankly, an arrogant jackass until the end when he sacrificed himself for Cora and Hawk-eye. One thing to keep in mind when watching the film is that it shows the war from a different angle than what the public might be used to. It focuses more on an Indian point of view and a more individualistic view. By Indian point of view I mean most representations of wars in America make us look to be the good guys, in this film there is a somewhat neutral eye from which the war is viewed. What I mean by individualistic is that each person, Hawk-eye, Cora, General Munroe, and Magua are involved in the same war, but see things totally different. One person viewing the film will most likely see something different or special about the film than another person would.

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Drone Attack

Drone Attacks Inside Pakistan there is ‘national consensus’ on the drones: the US must stop its Predators because they kill innocent citizens in collateral damage and increase the pressure on Pakistan Army fighting the Taliban by swelling the ranks of those who fight it for revenge. Outside Pakistan, there is an impression that the drones are being used against the terrorists in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas under some kind of secret deal between the CIA and Pakistan Army.Another al Qaeda top echelon leader has been killed on January 11  in Miranshah in North Waziristan through this alleged ‘coordination’. This was said to be Abdullah Khorasani, who is believed to have been playing a key role in planning the overall strategy of terror acts in Pakistan. The man’s real name was AslamAwan, and he was a citizen of Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden was killed last May by US commandos. As per routine, the drone attack was effective because it was directe d by spotters on ground calling the strike precisely on to the victim.The strike ended a 55-day-long pause after the Salalacheckpost attack by American gunships in November 2011. Following this, a foreign news agency quoted Pakistani officials who said that the  drones are being operated under an agreed US-Pakistan plan  which remains classified. This clearly contradicts the government’s public stance on this issue, which, quite stridently believes that drones violate Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.The American stance in the past has been that drone attacks had to be carried out without bringing Pakistan into the loop because the Pakistani side tended to ‘pass on’ the information about the attack to the terrorists who then moved away from the target area. This was understood all over the world in the light of the belief that Pakistan was actually an allowing safe haven to foreigner terrorists in North Waziristan whom it used for attac king inside Afghanistan to retain its stake in the Afghan endgame.The new ‘information’ — including quotes from unnamed Pakistani officials — belies much of that. It purports to verify that the Pakistani side was indeed keeping the strikes secret and, instead of passing on the information to the terrorists, was actually helping the CIA target them with spotters on the ground. Given the nature of these revelations, it remains to be seen what the Pakistani military’s response will be to them. One should understand that the drone attacks have been a success story as far as the US and its allies are concerned.The ‘analysis’ about the ‘wiping out’ of al Qaeda and the sharp diminution in its ability to target America and Europe is based on the number of al Qaeda terrorists killed by the drones inside Pakistan. As if to confirm this, a meeting took place between an al Qaeda leader and Mullah Umar in the presence of other commander s in which the al Qaeda representative was quoted as appealing for help for more attacks by allies in Pakistan. Pakistan’s wrath against the CIA after the Raymond Davis case in Lahore early 2011 had brought the  US-Pakistan quarrel to a boiling point.Since then, and since the May 2 attack that killed Osama bin Laden, the relationship has been hurtling downhill, ending in Pakistan’s decision not to attend the Bonn conference on Afghanistan. This would then lead to many arguing that with this all as a backdrop, how Pakistan could possibly be cooperating with the US on the drone attacks. Yet there is logic to the opposite point of view. Pakistan has benefited from the attacks in the sense that some of its most dangerous enemies have been killed by the drones.BaitullahMehsud, the Taliban chief, whose intercepted telephone call revealed that he was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, was killed by a drone. Ilyas Kashmiri was killed in a drone strike and  Hakimul lahMehsud, who succeeded Baitullah, was killed ‘twice’ in drone strikes. The first one was false but the second more recent one is yet to be proven false. Clearly, drone strikes are effective. However, Pakistan’s policy of saying one thing in public and quite the opposite in private should be replaced by when where the people should be persuaded of this strategy’s effectiveness.

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Career Development Essay - 1861 Words

Career Development Janele Fletcher Adult and Family Development/361 September 7, 2011 Charlene Blount Career Development In this paper I will assess my personality type while determining how it relates to Holland’s Six Personality Types in addition to Costa’s Three-Dimensional Model of Personality. I will discuss early influences of vocations and developing work ethics. Additionally, this paper gives insight of future career goals, mentoring influences, and long-term career goals. Personality Types Holland’s Six Personality Types is based on an individual’s ability to ‘fit’ or match specific interests, personality, environmental demands, and characteristics of a given vocation, thus outline success of that vocation. In†¦show more content†¦I am assertive and passionate when working with others I strive on exhibiting positive emotions in group settings, thus I can be empathetic or sympathetic, depending on the relationship with others. Holland’s and Costa’s models gives individual a sense of self-awareness and outline common similarities that people have in a specific job additionally these models can be used as a guide when making career choices or changing careers. Since, I have familiarized myself with these theories and models I can explore future careers with this concept at the forefront. I have experienced great leadership styles that influenced my career decisions thus enhanced my work performance. Early Influences on Vocational Aspirations Unlike most early influences of family during childhood development, I was influenced by experience. I had brief opportunities to help bring comfort to a wounded dog and helped my mother when she was ill. Originally, I had inspirations of being a veterinarian, which developed into my care of people as well as animals particularly, dogs and cats. However, my family knew I was a caring individual who had a desire to heal the sick or wounded. I have always been interested in the human body and wanted to watch surgery being performed. My goal was to become a surgical nurse. The majority of my influences (early) came from nurse practitioners and doctors who furthered my aspirations and educated me about specific medicalShow MoreRelatedThe Stages of Career Development Essay1225 Words   |  5 PagesThe Stages of Career Development The Cambridge Online dictionary defines career development as the process of learning and improving your skills so that you can perform your job better and progress to better jobs (Cambridge, 2011). However, my articles on career development have a slightly different view. My article states that career development happens in stages, and it has influencing factors (Gohdes, 1997-2000). Therefore, I will discuss these elements along with its main points. After thatRead MoreCareers in Game Development Essay628 Words   |  3 PagesCareers in Game Development To be a game developer, you must truly love games. You mustnt just like playing games, you must also like understanding games. You have to enjoy the concept of dissecting a game, breaking it down into smaller parts, and visualizing how the pieces fit back together. Game developers take on many jobs, but no job, is as important as the programmer. The programmer is the heart of the game. Without the programmer, there is no game (Gruber). AnotherRead MoreNursing Career Development Essay1532 Words   |  7 PagesCAREER PLAN Brandys Personal Career Development Plan I. Personal Goals a. Long Term Goals i. My long term goal is to obtain my Master of Science degree in Nursing. This goal will be accomplished by January 1, 2015. ii. My long term goal is to obtain a position at a hospital as Nurse Practitioner. This goal will be accomplished by June 1, 2016. b. Short Term Goals i. My short term goal is to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in NursingRead MoreCareer Development Plan Essay1257 Words   |  6 Pagesmarketing and strategy into one revenue capture program. †¢ Strategic sales team training. †¢ Sales strategy development and process consulting. †¢ Sales team member assessment. †¢ Sales quota and compensation and assessment programs. †¢ Business development and partner program assessments. †¢ Sales negotiation and objection training. †¢ Key account and target account sales development and training programs. †¢ Sales management team training and mentoring. †¢ How to cold call management, penetrateRead MorePersonal Essay : Personal Development Career855 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal development Career Essay. S12770420 Obtaining a degree in psychology can open a very diverse path in both the arts and science fields and can form a flexible and adjustable basis for a wide number of careers. After obtaining a psychology degree, you can enter into a non-chartered career, which includes teaching, counselling, human resources and careers advisors. Further study can lead to obtaining a Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) and becoming a chartered psychologist, whichRead More The Future of Career Development. Essay1972 Words   |  8 PagesThe Future of Career Development Trends in the changing workplace have created employment practices that have implications for career development. Company downsizing, early retirement buyouts, and the growing use of contingent employment has led some people to fear that full-time employment will not be available to them. However, new configurations of workers and alternative work arrangements do not necessarily signify lost employment opportunities. This Myths and Realities examines the Read MorePersonal Career Development Plan Essay1401 Words   |  6 PagesPERSONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN Ruth Ann Loyd Jacksonville University Professional Nursing NUR352SI Kathleen Kavanagh September 4, 2013 Abstract My personal career development plan consists of short and long-term goals advancements in my education towards a MSN degree and moving into the nurse practitioner role. It contains the plans on how I intend to transition into that role along with the responsibilities, necessary education and license requirements. I have also listed the pros andRead MorePreparing a Career Development Plan Essay1038 Words   |  5 Pagesadvice on how to change her attitude toward her qualifications and the advice proved to be a success. Now, Scott must continue to seek and present her positive qualifications and build her self-esteem. Each of the ways Scott may prepare herself for career advancement mentioned below can help her build self-esteem and always go into an interview with a positive demeanor. Lack of communication Whether Scott’s immediate supervisor did not notice her depressed spirits or her supervisor just ignoredRead MoreEssay about Career Development Programs1565 Words   |  7 PagesAs an educator working both in the high school and middle school setting, one point should be made clear. It is never too early to start thinking about a career. Of course, this is preached by most educators on a daily basis, but for the high school student looking for a college, it is still hard to comprehend. What exactly is the criterion for a college or community college and which direction should the high school senior go? When choosing a college to attend, there are certain factors thatRead MoreEmployee Training and Career Development Essay1296 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Training and development are important factors to the success of any organization. Each employee is a valuable asset that can either add to the success a company or contribute to its failure. Training supports and makes possible the development of new skills and knowledge. Offering training for employees at various levels within an organization assist employees develop the necessary skills and proficiency to be successful in their careers as well as prepare for new responsibilities